AppleJuce Screen Cleaner Kit

Mean, Green, and ready to clean

appleJuce™ Screen & Device Cleaner is the ultimate electronic cleaner and polish. Not only does appleJuce cleaner remove mean and pesky stains and oils from all screens, but it also polishes the surfaces of ALL electronics. Best of all, appleJuce cleaner has an organic green apple scent. One application of appleJuce will have your computer clean and your home or office smelling great too!

So try it today on your Mac, TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, EVERYTHING.

Best of all, appleJuce™ Screen & Device Cleaner is safe, non-toxic, and Green.

All New JuceMobile™ Line

The JuceMobile accessory line is a collection of iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini accessories true to style, protection, and functionality. The JuceMobile team is dedicated to protecting and beautifying your devices and we hope you try us out.

We have tried every screen cleaner in the universe and none of them compare to AppleJuce

– eTech Parts (@eTechParts) via Twitter

This is a stellar product! I personally use it for my iPhone and MacBook. I work at a store in Phoenix that sells Apple Juce and even uses it in the repair shop. This is by far the best iPhone / Mac cleaner on the market!

– Justin

This is the best selling (and best smelling) cleaner we've ever seen (and smelt)!

– Simply Computing (@Simplydotca) via Twitter

We have tried our fair share of device cleaners and appleJuce stands out as a consistent provider of fantastic cleaners.

– Store Essex

I just purchased the 2ml Key Chain Pump to try it out. The product works great. I really like the convenient size.

– Benjamin

First of all I wanted to say that your product is amazing. Recently I was looking for a good liquid cleaner for my laptop so i randomly decided to order the 2oz cleaning kit from Best Buy. I'm glad I did because the product works extremely well in removing all the smudges and oil from my screen. I have also used it on my keyboard as well to get it clean.

– A Jax

Just picked up my first bottle today, and WOW! Your cleaner is SOOOOO much better than iKlear it's just not even funny! Love the smell, but more important, love how it works. Not a single streak, no nasty- ass residue, straight up perfection

– Ryan via Facebook

appleJuce is the perfect solution for ridding your device from bits and pieces of dirt, grit, oil, fingerprints and any other pests that plague your screen over time.

– Nikhil Katti, iPhoneAlley Review

Just tried your product and already love it!

– Sarah via Facebook

Love the product!!

– Thanks, - Scott

applejJuce has the added benefit of smelling like apples, which is always a good thing.

– Mat Bitner, SimplyMac Blog

First, thank you for creating a well thought out, responsible & fun product. We enjoy using and recommending appleJuce here at FirstTech.

– Chad, FirstTech - Minnesota

I have been using your product for the last few months and I think it's great! Before I learned about your product I used some electrical wipes from my local grocery store and they never did very well. Thanks for a great product!

– Austin

All in all, it (appleJuce) as worked flawlessly on all my devices, and would highly recommend this to anyone interested in giving their products that extra shine.

– Zac Coffman, Gadgetsteria Review

Thank you. I have used appleJuce and found it to be perfect for my needs. I appreciate the instructions below, would recommend it to anyone. Cheers

– David

MacMedia got it right, from cute little bottles of cleaner we can provide our clients with repairs, to the fresh scent appleJuce leaves behind. Here’s to John, Brian, and Mike for making appleJuce screen cleaner a reality, and we’re proud to offer appleJuce screen cleaner here in Baton Rouge.

– The Orchard Solutions